Pro account, connection stalls on BSC speedy nodes

I created a new account and upgraded to pro yesterday - after testing with a free account. The new & pro account has a stalling problem, 80% of the time websocket doesn’t respond to ethers.js’s connection (first chain id probe) and it just stalls. I have to refresh the page 3-4 times to make it connect.

With the same code, by just changing the token, a free acount doesn’t have that problem 95% of the time. It stalls time to time, but not as much as the pro account.

Is there a problem with my new account, or am I doing something wrong?

PS. https connections & chrome are no joy, preflight requests are not cached so it’s much slower than websockets.

Assuming that this is about BSC nodes, when you did this test?
There is a difference in paid accounts and free accounts, but it is not something specific to your account.

last two days. I thought the problem was with speedy nodes, but as soon as I tried the old/free account’s token the problem went away.

why would the pro account stall/have connection problems this much?

(using ethers.js on BSC, wss mainnet, chrome on macos)

this isn’t intentional, we’ll have to investigate to see what is happening

thank you, I guess you already have my info?

speedynodes are really the fastest out there, but random connection stalls are killing me.

I think that I can find your info, if needed I’ll ask.
It looks like I was able to reproduce some stuck connection on websockets on free account

my problem is with the pro account, free one works fine.

Is there anything I can do to avoid stuck connections?

I wanted to say that I was able to replicate the problem, next step is to investigate why it happens.


it’s been working fine this week, but this bug is back again. more than half of the new wss connections stall/left unanswered.

bump, still seeing connection problems, and it’s getting worse. (free account working fine, pro account has connection problems.)