Prerequisites for JavaScript and web3

I need advice on prerequisites to learn/practice JavaScript and web3 dApp’in’. I am a complete noob to the coding space. I have been on Codecademy for JavaScript but am wondering if there are any recommendations/advice.

Alternatively, I am open teaming up if the right situation arises. What do I have to offer if I can’t code? A concrete path to users and adoption. Otherwise, happy solstice passing. Stay safe.

Ross Palmer

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Hello @rossthebosspalmer, thank you for the message! :slight_smile:

Have you checked our Moralis Academy? -

There we teach you everything from the ground up, you’ll gain all the fundamental knowledge, upon which you will lear advanced skills. You can also get a Personalized Study Plan created for you to suit your needs and specific goals. As well as you can get a Personal Counselor to take you ‘by the hand’ through Academy towards success (absorbing knowledge & getting Certified)!

Let me know your thoughts. :raised_hands:

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Although respectable and affordable fees given the knowledge therein, the ability for me to pay any of those plans at present is nonexistent. I will see if I can find a way to do so.

Thanks for the reply, @rossthebosspalmer.

Let’s hop into DMs, I’m sure we can find the best plan for you out of the given options.

Plus, some discount may be in place :wink:

I have no idea where the DMs are in this forum so reply on here if you did not receive a message from me @kresimir .

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Okay, received, thank you :slight_smile:

Hey @rossthebosspalmer. I think the best way to do itt is to build somerhing simple in solidity like maybe a bank contract or something. If you cant afford the academy there’s plenty of tutorials on youtube. Use remix to do this initially. Then when it works learn how to deploy using a text editor and truffle. Then build a front end using vanilla javasvript is tje easiest it doesnt have to look beautiful just make sure button clicks work etc. Then just rinse and repeat this with slightly more complex projects each time andbyou be suprised how naturally things come after a month of hard work. Then youll be able to move into more complex and bigger things amd start using react etc.

I would recommend this format you learn more from projects. U should regrain from following big long courses spanning multiple hours. I thibk building somethung small and googling and youtubeing as you go is much better. For example say you want to build a nav bar for your app. Instead of taking a course on html amd css that teaches you everything Instead google how to build a nav bar then implement it and make your own custom changes. Then say the next thing want is a user forum just google how to make a sinple form and add this. Rinse and reapeat and before you know it youpp be able to build all this on your own accord