Pre-define ACL to Public read + write

Unfortunately i need ACL to be Public read + write by default

i changed the permission in roles still its not public
due to this we are not able to interact with third party APIs

please help its urgent

You can use cloud functions to read any data from the database, you can also connect directly to you mongo db database form an whitelisted IP, it is not a good idea to change that ACL for user class, the ACL will reset on any login.

how do i whitelist IP in moralis server settings?

In your server settings, you have somewhere a field where to add your IP that you want to whitelist, it may be in a different tab, but it is there.

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I whitelisted the IP but the issue still persist

shall i share the IP address?

What issue still persists? You tried to connect directly to your mongo db instance with IP:port and it doesn’t work?

Yup, still doesnt work

i connected with IP:port

You can try to restart/update your server