Populate EthNFTOwners by watching contract address

Is it possible to populate EthNFTOwners, by watching (sync) contract address. Currently watching contract address only populate EthTransactions . Is there an easy way to aggregate EthTransactions to EthNFTOwners as soon as it comes in?

In theory, the owner of the NFTs is not the contract address, it is the address that has those NFTs associated.
I don’t know how you could do that with a sync address, you could get the list of owners with web3api: https://docs.moralis.io/moralis-server/web3-sdk/token#getnftowners

Basically, I want to have all nft data(similar to EthNFTOwners) for nft contract address on the db so I can run before update hook on them to populate them with some data(for example ranking) so I can sort them based on that later. Is there a pattern on moralis for that kind of need?

if you have your own nft contract and only your application users will have/use those NFTs, then that should be automatically done because your users will authenticate on your server and their eth address will get synced.

Yeah sort per user is simple with moralis (Thankyou), But I am thinking about sorting the whole set from contract, but that can be done by manually inserting data into the db as well. Will go with that pattern instead.