Polygon Mumbai testnet tables doesnt exist

I added polygon mumbai to my evm configurations and i opened user activity sync but only PolygonTransactions table showing in my dashboard. Why?

you will see only polygon and not Mumbai, the server will be on testnet and it will receive the data from polygon/matic testet that is Mumbai

I am already on testnet. I minted lots of nfts, I can see transactions on mumbai polygonscan, but there is no table in moralis dashboard for to check ntftransfers and get token_ids.

we have some problems with Mumbai now in particular, you can try again in 1-2 hours

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Hello, I have a same problem with polygon mainnet. I opened polygon mainnet server, i minted nft. I can see on polygonscan but transfer and transaction tables not showing on moralis dashboard. Can you help me?

did you add an address to sync on that server, or did you authenticate with that specific address?
can you try to restart/update the server?

if still not working, can you paste the server url?