Polygon Mumbai Metamask values

I have a weird issue, not stopping development but it is odd.

Was developing on my main home computer using polygon as crypto chain. Took my family camping so I transferred the project to my laptop.

When I recreated/imported my Matic Mumbai accounts in MetaMask on my laptop the values in the wallets were way off. So I created a new Mumbai account. From the faucet did a transfer, 0.1 ETH as normal. It shows in Metamask as 248.593 ETH. Additionally instead of gas fees being something like .004 I need to use values like 11ETH for transactions to succeed.

This is probably a metamask setting but I have not found anything yet.

Another Data point: my mainnet and Ropsten accounts display the correct amounts in ETH.

This is not hindering my development but any insight would be appreciated.

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write currency symbol when setting up Metamask

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now it shows USD value of ETH because you didnt write currency symbol

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