Polygon mainnet: NFT TokenId "missing" from Moralis

Here’s the exact NFT token id: 288

Moralis’s API is acting like this token id doesn’t exist.
This token was minted last night.

I attempted to trigger a NFT Contract Index sync using the API this morning.
Then attempted a resync of token Id 288. This fails. But token id 287 succeeds as does any other valid token id.

Is there anything else I can do?
I checked everything I could and the token does exist and the metadata URL resolves without issue.

we have some problems now with indexing some NFTs, it should be fixed today

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Awesome, thank you for the reply!

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We had 3 more mints occur today.

TokenIds: 289, 290, 291. These show up in Moralis’s API.

The odd thing here is that 288 still acts like it doesn’t exist from Moralis’s side.

They all should be fixed now.

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TokenID: 288 is not fixed.

This after I called a resync of the metadata (which failed) and an index of the NFT contract itself:

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Here you can see TokenID: 289 works:

When grabbing all the NFTs your API only reports 293 NFTs(missing #288)

At polygonscan & opensea you can see we have 294 NFTs

Ok, I’ll check in few hours.

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we identified a problem related to this case, we will work on fixing it

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Any updates?

Thank you

we are still investigating what happened in this particular case

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Issue has been resolved. Thank you!

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