Polygon gas feees

from few days polygon gas price recommendation has been increased toalmost double, and it’s taking long time and some time it remains pending. WHat’s the issue?

It could be related to how many transactions are made. If too many transactions are made then the gas price can also increase. For example on eth mainnet the price can vary a lot in one hour.

how many transaction means from the same contract that was created by me? does gas fees depend upon the number of transaction i make from my contract?

Could be due to congestion or network issues.

Polygon PoS Chain Average Gas Price Chart | PolygonScan

Similar peaks have happened before it seems.

does the gas price usually increase like this?

No as you can see by that chart. You can wait for things to normalize if needed.

It depends on how many users send transactions on the network at a given time. If there are more transactions sent than how many transactions the network can handle then that congestion happens and the gas price increases when you want to send a transaction faster.

Does it charge money if it remains pending for long time and fail after that?

it doesn’t change money, it could be processed at some time

the problem is that you can not get mined another transaction until that one is mined or until you replace it with another transaction with the same nonce