Poly vs ETH - NFT -Game -Moralis Framework

Hi guys.
What are the disadvantages of working with the Polygon? (instead of Etherum)
That youtube video of making NFT Game 12 hour done with Etherum. Could it work the same way with Polygon, without any gaps?
if we use moralis web3 Framework, doesnt matter whether we use Polygon or etherum?
What is the disadvantage of using Polygon for a web3 NFT game?
Which one would you recommend for NFT games ?

I am very sorry if my question is a bit stupidly expressed.
and I really appreciate any answers.

it is easier to use polygon for an nft game if the game will require a lot of transactions, that is because it will be a lower gas price paid for every transaction.

but if your game will require 1k transactions per second then you will have problems with polygon too

Yes, thx y very much. I know it, Thanks for the warning, though! !!
I wanted to move on to something else.
Doesn’t the game lack any of the added features of NFTs being polygonal? I mean, does that mean I can still query that the NFT avatar has a blue head, for example?
I am very stupid and I am sorry to ask.
But does this mean that Polygon has access to all the benefits regardless of being layer 2?
I am very grateful to cryptokid for your answers.
Have a nice evening

it should be no difference for you regarding how the smart contract runs, you can make on polygon same thing that you could make on eth, both blockchains are EVM compatible.

options_3 = { address: "0x86935F11C86623deC8a25696E1C19a8659CbF95d", chain: "polygon" };
x = await Moralis.Web3API.account.getNFTs(options_3)
{total: 510, page: 0, page_size: 500, result: Array(500), status: 'SYNCED'}

OK, than I choose Poly . I the next day will try & test Moralis -with a dummy poly collection & utility features.

See y later