Plugins Suddenly Stopped Loading

My plugins stopped loading new transactions. I deleted entire table and reinstalled Plugin. Plugin syncs transactions up until ~30 min ago

  "anonymous": false,
  "inputs": [
      "indexed": false,
      "internalType": "uint256",
      "name": "saleId",
      "type": "uint256"
  "name": "SaleCanceled",
  "type": "event"

There should be 3 SalesCanceled Events.

Here is Contract on Polygon Scan

Transaction that is not loading:

I am also experiencing same issue with my other Polygon Plugins.

I just updated to latest server 0.0.253 as well. Ran all jobs to sync and still stops loading transactions up until ~30 min ago

EDIT server:

I tested now to sync that particular event in my Moralis server and it looks like it works fine:

Yes all works now. Any insight on what might have happened? Only explanation for me is the node went offline for a while or something similar.