Plugin load error for getPluginsSpecs

I started seeing this error when i removed Fiat Onramp plugin from moralis server and i am not able to use any other plugin since then.


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I tested with a separate server to add that fiat plugin and removing it and I don’t get that error.

When did you remove that plugin (how long ago?).
Did you try to restart the server?

This happened approx. 12 hrs ago.

At first I installed covalent plugin but it did not showup in my app when i tried “Moralis.Plugins” in console. So out of of curiosity i removed the Fiat Onramp plugin to check if the plugins are getting updated and then i started seeing this error.

at present if i try “Moralis.Plugins” it is giving me undefined.

it looks like I was able to reproduce the problem, you can install again fiat plugin now and getPluginsSpecs should work, but you will still not be able to use all the plugins yet.

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