Plugin enhancement request

In Video part 11 of “I cloned rarible in 24H” the plugin"Sync and Watch Contract events" is used.
In Solidity the “uint” is equal to “uint256” and hence an event can be “itemAdded(uint, uint, address, uint)” which in Solidty is equal to “itemAdded(uint256, uint256, address, uint256)”, but in the JSON ABI always uint256 is used which results in not appearing events in the Moralis Plugin.
Can you add this functionality to the plugin? so that the plugin also considers uint and uint256 to be equal ?

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This should already be implemented. When you save the plugin, we are converting any uint to uint256 in the backend. Can you verify that this works please?

in the “Marketplace.sol” file I have “event itemSold(uint id, address buyer, uint askingPrice);”
and in the event plugin I used “itemSold(uint,address,uint)”, but I had to explicitly convert uint to uint256 inside the event plugin. (I created a new event plugin, because I did not know how to update the already existing one).

This issue will be fixed in the next release