Please help! I can not return the money from the contract

Hello! I added money to STAKING on one site, first I added $1000 and tried to withdraw it and everything was ok, then the same 2000$ everything was ok. Then I added $4040 to staking. Now I’m trying to display them and I get the error Contract 0x25f3afac055276252d8d53cb22a1327cbc2d3f03
Warning! Error encountered during contract execution [execution reverted]
In the metamask itself, it tells me that the metamask cannot determine the commission and the site sets it (0.3793292 BNB), I press that I agree and send the transaction, after which I still get Failled. I tried to change the gas price to 1 BNB but I still get an error. In contact, I see that people still have a conclusion. How to fix this error? If you really help me get my $4040 back, I will thank you with 1 BNB. Please help me

It’ll be best to contact the contract owners if you can find them

Did you try to withdraw 2k first then the another 2k?