Pinning IPFS Moralis

Hello people

When using the moralis IPFS api to upload metadata from NFTs, are the files automatically pinned?

I also saw in one of your excellent tutorials a way to have the CIDs in a dashboard table. which tutorial was it?

the files are automatically pinned

I don’t know what dashboard was that one, you may have to save the CIDs in the database to be able to see them

How is it executed that the cids are stored in the moralis database?

Grate moralis pinning the files!!

I mean, you can save them in the database yourself, after you upload then

we also have something internally but it is not available in the interface now from what I know

Excuse my ignorance on this. It tells me that I can create a table with the CIDs of the project in moralis. Like a traditional database right?

In principle, since each id has its tokenUri, I don’t see much point in this. Except when a massive file upload is made and it will be minted later, later associating each tokenUri.

I thought that you wanted to have that info in a database, you can skip that step if you don’t need it, a Moralis Server has a database by default that you can use

Yes, you thought well Is the dashboard database that catches events and tracks users? I didn’t know could generate my own tables.

yes, in that database you can add your own tables

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