Pinata plugin error 'no such file or directory'

I am trying to use Pinata plugins pinFile option but it doesn’t work even when I am in the same directory. It gives the error ‘no such file or directory’.

The things I’ve tried are:
Path to the asset folder
In the same folder, ‘./image.png’
Using the above with require()
Adding an input and getting the URL with URL.createObjectURL

The code is:

await Moralis.Plugins.pinata.pinFile({
    path: './image.png',

Any solutions?

you can use normal IPFS to upload files, I think that pinata plugin is still in alpha stage

you could try with absolute path maybe instead of relative path

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Thanks, I did try absolute path too, still the same error. I can’t understand why a non-working plugin is in the market right now

Hello Moralis Support team,
please help me regarding calling the smart contract function with ETH value.
I tried to call smart contract function with useWeb3Execution. but it fails.
Here is error message.

I worked it before correctly.
Here is the code.


please make a separate thread for this question