Php with metamask

Hello good day everyone, I’m working on a project wherein I have a site running. I want to Include metamask authentication and use the function of moralis on my project. It’s on flux cpanel php. Hopefully someone will reach out to this, More power! :slight_smile:

You should be able to include Moralis sdk like you would include jquery and after that using javascript code as normal.

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Hi @chainroguy,

Welcome here! Glad to help :wink:

Metamask authentication is done at browser (client) side in javascript and not at server (backend, where you code in php).

See example here to login with metamask.
To let the backend know: send an ajax call to the backend optional with json (user) data from the authenticated user.

Since authentication is done / known by the browser, you have to decide what must be done in the frontend (javascript) and what can be done in the backend.
If needed i can help.