Permission denied for action addField on class

Hi there! My moralis server started giving this error today. Before that It was working fine. I figured out my server CPU is at 100% so i restarted it and it migrated to nitro from legacy. Refer to attached screenshot

what CLP settings you have for BscTransactions table?

I have not changed or set any CLP. All tables should have default setting. Issue arose when I updated or restarted the server.
I’m not using any custom class on the server

what is the server url?

I have been able to bypass the situation by allowing all the permission in CLP to the public, authenticated and Admin in my classes. I know its not the right approach but I’m looking for the right one.

you should are coreservices role to that CLP, in case that it is not already there

Can you please elaborate a little more? I have given all permission to my classes (Public,Authenticated and role)

did you add that role:admin there in CLP or it was added somehow automatically (I see a role:admin in CLP on that server)?

can you try a server update?

No I didn’t add any role. All I did was just “Restart and Update”.

Yes I just did. But let me know the moralis way. Because turning write access for “public” is not the right solution in my opinion.

I added now coreservices role for BscTransactions table in CLP, that should be the way to do it.

I removed previous admin role that I don’t know yet how it got there, then I typed role:coreservices and pressed enter.

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So after add coreservices role to my classes. I can remove public from write access and everything is still going to work right?

yes, that is the expected behaviour

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Let me try this one out and update you

I’m trying add role:coreservices to a class CLP but its not being found.

try without waiting to find it, just write there role:coreservices and press enter.
you can also delete that admin role before that.

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I guess! Its resolved now. The way I see it the only thing caused the issue was the migration from legacy to Nitro server. Thanks for your assistance.

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