Performance of Moralis vs QuickNode

Hi there,

I have created some kind of trading bot and currently it takes around 6 seconds with a QuickNode node until the transactions was mined. That’s much too long. Therefore I’m thinking about switching to your service. What kind of node is required to boost the transaction to be fulfilled almost instantly or is only related to provided gas?

Below a few examples:

  1. Send: 2021/12/02 01:00:01 PM (UTC), Mined: 2021/12/02 01:00:22 PM (UTC), TRX: Link
  2. Send: 2021/12/01 2:59:24 PM (UTC), Mined: 2021/12/01 02:59:30 PM (UTC), TRX: Link

on BSC network a new block is mined almost every 3 seconds, this means that if you send the transaction now, then the transaction will end up in one of the next blocks that will be mined, if you are lucky you can get the next block number and that could mean somewhere between 3 and 6 seconds, most of the time probably you get your transaction mined in 6 seconds if you provide high gas price or if there are not too many transactions waiting to be mined at that moment

@cryptokid Thanks for your reply. Will there be a bigger chance to hit the next block with a private node or will the Moralis speedy nodes do the job as well? Furthermore I like to know if a higher gas price is more important then a higher gas limit?

any node may do the job of sending the transaction, you could also try to send it to multiple nodes maybe

the gas limit is not important (as long as it is enough to execute the transaction, same gas will be used regardless of what was the limit), only the gas price can speed up the transaction when there are lots of transactions in current pending pool of transactions