Per server rate limits


Facing issues around rate limits and wanted to check if rate limits are on the account level or server level.

If I have 3500 reqs per minute is that on each server, and then 2 servers is the equivalent of 7k per mintue? Or 3500 is across my account, and then itโ€™s ~1750 reqs per minute per server?

those requests are per account, and donโ€™t depend on server, and are only web3api requests, not requests done to a cloud function for example.

and you can use those requests without a server too, directly with REST API

How do you make those requests without a server with moralis/node package?
What do you pass to moralis.start?

you can make it without Moralis SDK, directly with HTTP requests, here you have CURL examples when you try a request:

Okay. But Iโ€™d rather use the typed moralis library to make those requests.

in that case you can make web3api requests by setting there serverUrl and appId in Moralis.start

Yes. What we were doing