[Partner Guide] TrustSwap

The winning project of the moralis hackathon will be invited to join the Trustswap Incubator.

What is TrustSwap?

TrustSwap is a cross-chain DeFi platform specializing in token minting, token & liquidity locks,
P2P/OTC swaps, token launches, project incubation, and automated distribution protocols. In May,
we will launch our own NFT Marketplace with our Crypto Subscriptions service following in Q3.
Trustswap started as an Ethereum based platform but have expanded their services to several
other chains (for example Avalanche and BSC), with the goal of offering the full suite of TrustSwap
services across all major chains.

Products & Services Offered

  • Launchpads (Raise above 750k)
    ◦ For Stakers
    Stakers get early access to some of the best new crypto and DeFi tokens in the space.
    Guaranteed allocation, easy submission process, 12 hour KYC window, no gas wars,
    mulitplier for long term stakers.
    ◦ For Launchpad Projects
    We help facilitate private & public raises and assist with tokenomics, marketing, token
    locks, and vesting into smart contracts & automated distribution protocols.

  • Flashlaunches (Raise below 750k)
    Stakers receive lottery tickets based on their tier. Winning tickets get a guaranteed $500
    allocation. Golden Ticket NFTs can also be purchased to guarantee entry in a FlashLaunch.
    10% of Golden Ticket proceeds are donated to Eden Reforestation project.

  • Swapdrops/Flashdrops
    Launchpad projects donate 1% of their total supply as airdrops to the top SWAP stakers.
    Flashdrops can have flexible rules based on project preference.

  • Farming pools
    Launchpad projects donate 1% of their total supply to 30 day farming pools.
    Stake $SWAP to earn Launchpad tokens.
    Dashboard: https://dashboard.trustswap.org/app/launchpad-staking-pools

  • SmartVesting
    Investor token vesting dashboard with hourly release vesting schedule. Prevents dumps on
    vested token distribution days. Available for our Launchpad/Flashlaunch projects.

  • Staking
    80% of the fees charged from our smart contract services are returned to our stakers.
    Stake $SWAP to receive these staking rewards, tiered access to Launchpads, FlashLaunches,
    SwapDrops and FlashDrops.

  • Trustswap Incubator program
    Trustswap assists teams with innovative ideas to be transformed into some of the most
    notable crypto startups in the industry. We guide them through all of the critical
    development stages –from the foundations of forming a crypto company to the specifics of
    brand building and operational success. Including VC roadshow, public raise, network
    opportunities, industry contacts, marketing support, exchange listing support, business
    growth consultancy, team mentorship, whitepaper & tokenomics review, and more.

  • SmartLock
    Industry leader for team token & liquidity locks/vesting. We offer blockchain projects an
    easy way to lock their coins and Liquidity Pool (LP) tokens in a non-custodial, time-released
    smart contract vault. The platform includes an intuitive public interface where communities
    can verify the status of token locks.

  • SmartSwap
    Make trustless Peer-To-Peer swaps in an easy-to-use and open marketplace forum.
    Designed for over-the-counter (OTC) deals. TrustSwap’s P2P/OTC SmartSwap technology
    allows anonymous parties to buy, sell, or trade any ERC20 tokens with anyone for any price.


  • Top 15 DeFi project, 265M+ USD market cap and 4M+ USD worth of daily trading volume.
  • 200M+ USD worth of Swap Tokens are staked from 12,000+ unique addresses.
  • 15 projects raised more than 15M+ USD of funds through Trustswap Launchpad.
  • Average ROI on launched projects through TrustSwap is 1000%+
  • 1.8 Billion+ USD Locked on the SmartLocks platform by 670+ unique projects.

Trustswap Videos
SmartSwap - Josh Cross: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jvd3FSVc8YQ
Swappable – Jeff Kirdeikis: https://twitter.com/i/status/1379259107702534144
Latest AMA – Jeff Kirdeikis: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LMFxQSHfNSI
Trustswap – Altcoin daily: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KPgneubLfY
Launchpads – InvestGlobal: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZflIGLoX6_8