[Partner Guide] Exeedme

Integrate Exeedme into your hackathon project and earn bonus points from the jury

About Exeedme
Exeedme is a blockchain-powered gaming platform that acts as a competitive layer on top of centralized and decentralized games and allows gamers at all skill levels, developers and gaming communities to monetize their skills and efforts with the power of DeFi and NFT’s.

At Exeedme gamers will be able to earn in three distinctive ways:

  1. Earn by Winning: challenge friends or let matchmaking work. Set the stakes and fund them with liquid cryptos. Winner takes it all

  2. Earn by Playing: whether a gamer wins or loses, every time there is game where a gamer puts a stake on their own skills, they will be game mining a $XED reward.

  3. Earn by Progressing: by staking $XED in the platform, players will unlock NFT rewards which grow in exclusivity and rarity as they grow their ranking position.

Exeedme Introduction video: https://1drv.ms/v/s!ApkcWvZdW29EgoED5_8vq8GGqmYetQ

Some example use cases
Although we don’t have any public API yet, if you’re interested in our project, we strongly encourage you to build something around our ERC721 NFTs or our ERC20 token (XED). We leave you with some some suggestions but feel free to come up with your own ideas.:

  • A voting system for XED holders or Exeedme NFTs owners

Gamers deserve to be heard as their feedback will help shaping Exeedme gamer centered economy. With a voting system we are looking to allow XED holders to drive the future of Exeedme platform, by letting them vote for new features, new games and reward distribution.

  • An exclusive access game for XED holders

By holding XED token, gamers could get access to exclusive games and even earn rewards by playing. If you’re interested in game-development and blockchain there’s so much to be explored still. The possibilities are endless!

Moralis makes it really simple to build serverless Web3 apps, resulting in a great developer experience and productivity boost.

Using Historical Transactions Moralis plugin you’re able to get ERC20 and ERC721 transaction history for the authenticated user and allow them to access your Dapp if they support the Exeedme project.

XED Token address: https://etherscan.io/address/0xee573a945b01b788b9287ce062a0cfc15be9fd86

Exeedme Gold Medal NFT: https://opensea.io/assets/0xd07dc4262bcdbf85190c01c996b4c06a461d2430/113683

Ethereum (ETH) Blockchain Explorer (https://etherscan.io/address/0xee573a945b01b788b9287ce062a0cfc15be9fd86)

Exeedme: XED Token | 0xee573a945b01b788b9287ce062a0cfc15be9fd86