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What is Elrond?

Elrond’s goal and vision is to (a) create the backbone for a high bandwidth, low latency global financial system, (b) that is decentralized, and © give anyone, anywhere easy access to it.

Elrond achieves this unified vision by employing innovative technologies and products, in order to onboard the next billion people into this space.

The first layer is Elrond’s internet scale blockchain, which performance rivals that of web 2.0 but with added decentralization, capable of 15k TPS (263 in public testnet, scalable via state sharding), with 6 sec latency, and $0.001 transaction cost. Such things are possible through important tech breakthroughs like Adaptive State Sharding and Secure Proof of Stake. Dive deeper into the technology here: https://docs.elrond.com/technology/architecture-overview/

On top, Elrond added a UI layer that offers a seamless mobile experience to access the new financial system defined by the Elrond network. This new application is called Maiar, and in only 2 months since launch we have exceeded 270k users. The app can be found at Maiar.com

To tie everything together Elrond’s network makes use of the EGLD token, which has been designed around a new economics model, that positions it as a robust store of value, similar to gold, but with mechanics and functionality that go well beyond those of gold. Read more about it here: https://elrond.com/blog/egold-a-powerful-digital-currency-positioned-for-global-adoption

Elrond’s native token EGLD is benefiting directly from the adoption of the network’s rapidly expanding ecosystem, with 120+ strategic partners among which: Binance, Samsung, 35+ Defi projects, Several bridges, Swap platforms, and several strategic projects building on Elrond: https://elrond.com/assets/files/elrond-ecosystem.pdf

And to truly augment the ecosystem Elrond has developed a very powerful token standard that enhances NFTs and along with developer smart contract royalties, creates the next generation of DeFi. The ESDT standard enables the creation of custom tokens as fast and as scalable as the native eGLD token itself. Dive into it here:


Elrond also employs a rich developer tooling and documentation in order to help any builder get a head start in creating the next generation of dApps using the Elrond network. Our Smart Contracts have 30% gas as royalties are fast, small, composable and upgradable; Our Smart Accounts have associated data trie and key-value storage; our token and transactions have low transfer fees, relayed/gasless TXs and true token ownership; build using Rust framework for SCs, WASM VM, VS Code IDE and dApp boilerplate.

From a growth standpoint Elrond has reached top 40 on Coinmarketcap, with exchange volumes of ~300+ millions every 24h. In fact we have crossed the 4 billion dollar in market value. With ~10 million EGLD locked in staking and ~490k users, the activity of users have been increasing reaching a total of 4 million transactions. Witness the hypergrowth here: https://growth.elrond.com/#user_adoption

Growth of the community is also something that Elrond excels at, having one of the strongest and most passionate communities in the space, spanning over 18 languages, and growing at a significant rate. Join us globally: https://linktr.ee/elrond

The potential of Elrond is here and is slowly unveiling, dive into the most recent developments such as the Elrond DeFi 2.0 Module, the Maiar AMM Exchange and the power of our NFTs, SFTs and the ESDT standard:


Documentation :books:


Tutorials and Guides :tv:
Elrond IDE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bXbBfJCRVqE
Elrond wallet setup: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0TUU_N1KLRk

Useful Github repositories :desktop_computer:

Code examples :electric_plug:


Is there a guide that explains how to authenticate with moralis on erlond test-net and main-net, sign transactions and call smart-contracts endpoints?

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Hey @bogdan

Please take a look at this video: