[Partner Guide] Bware Labs

Integrate Bware Labs into your hackathon project and earn bonus points from the jury

About Bware Labs
Bware Labs’ main product is a Decentralized API Platform that aims to provide fast, secure and reliable APIs ( RPC, Websockets, Rest and GraphQL) for the best known blockchain networks in the crypto space.

Users are able to access our Platform and generate unique API endpoints by simply connecting their Metamask wallet. In the near future, owners of full nodes can join the platform as providers and get rewards for fulfilling requests.

Bware Labs is basically building an application layer that connects API consumers such as dApp developers, wallet providers and exchanges on one side and node providers for different networks on the other side. The platform includes a protocol that enforces integrity on the part of node providers, a load balancing system guaranteeing high reliability and scalability and a state of the art monitoring system, all accessible from an easy to use Web Interface that makes blockchain interactions easier than ever before.


Application: https://app.bwarelabs.com

Website: https://bwarelabs.com/

Medium space: https://medium.com/bware-labs

Code example
Code snippet of initializing a websocket provider and an oracle provider in javascript using a BwareLabs endpoint

init: function() {
        ws_provider = new Web3(new Web3.providers.WebsocketProvider ('wss://' +   'eth-api.bwarelabs.com/ws/69231efa-e959-4fb0-ad08-9141cda9ea4d'));
        ws_provider.eth.net.getNetworkType().then((networkID) => {
            switch (networkID) {
                case "main":
                    this.chainID = ChainId.MAINNET;
                    this.network = 'homestead';
                case "rinkeby":
                    this.chainID = ChainId.RINKEBY;
                    this.network = 'rinkeby';
                    this.chainID = ChainId.MAINNET;
                    this.network = 'homestead';
            logger.info(`Listening on the ${networkID} network...`);
        oracle_provider = new ethers.providers.WebSocketProvider('wss://' +   'eth-api.bwarelabs.com/ws/69231efa-e959-4fb0-ad08-9141cda9ea4d', this.network);

Note: At the moment our platform only provides mainnet API Endpoints for Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum. Support for testnets and other networks will be added soon.

Some example use cases

Example1: En Ethereum Oracle
Building your own ETH oracle requires access to an Ethereum client. Bwarelabs is able to provide a fast and reliable websocket API to make that possible.

Example 2: Building a Uniswap transaction bot
To be able to send transactions on Ethereum or to listen for specific events, you would need to connect to an Ethereum Client via a websockets connection or a RPC endpoint which can easily be obtained from The Bware Labs Decentralised API Platform at https://app.bwarelabs.com

Example 3: Running a chainlink node
In order to run a Chainlink node, it must be able to connect to an Ethereum client with an active websocket connection like the ones provided by BwareLabs

Example 4: Custom BSC or ETH Networks in Metamask
Use your generated endpoints from the Bware Labs Decentralised Platform, to setup a custom network in Metamask