Pancakeswap Token Exchange Rate API

I want to know how to get token swap rate on Pancakeswap using API
for example. the exchange rate of BNB and ETH on Pancakeswap.

Can you give an example? Not sure that that rate means.

For example exchange rate ETH-BNB is 4.85 on Pancakeswap

you can get the price of WETH on pancake swap

Moralis.Web3API.token.getTokenPrice({address: "0x4db5a66e937a9f4473fa95b1caf1d1e1d62e29ea", chain: "bsc"});


decimals: 18
name: "Binance Coin"
symbol: "BNB"
value: "4858289372202579242"

=> 4.85

you said get the price of WETH
and then why symbol is BNB?

that is the the price of WETH in BNB, that is what you wanted

when I change the target token address
how I get token name in response?

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On what I pasted that bnb is the name of bsc native currency.

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