Pagination is failing w/ 504 Gateway timeout at offset 6500

API seems to fail with 504 Gateway timeout after a given offset.

For example, this works fine:

But this fails:

This specific NFT project has 10k tokens so I should be able to continue fetching results until hitting 10000.

thanks for reporting, we will investigate

Hey ! Facing these same issues on my end. Seems like anything above 6000 is causing the problem.

I also get this problem in my tests

Do you think it will be sorted anytime soon ? :slight_smile:

I don’t have an exact ETA now

Just to confirm, it seems like right above 6000 offset on any NFT token address causes the issue. So seems like an offset issue. 6001 causes problem as well.
Hope that helps.

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Same here.
using limit=500 and when requesting page 13 (results 6001-6500) getting a status_code = 504

Any estimate of when this will be resolved?

I don’t have an ETA now

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@pedropregueiro, @pj17, @FlyingFish, the problem should be fixed now