Page loads web3 stuff

even when not logged in or connected to metamask

Can you show some info? Not sure what you mean.

I cant log in to my site anymore with metamask
its all fcked up.

1 minute things work, next minute its all messed up.

What happens? Is a server problem, is a front end problem?

Do you see any error in the browser console?

Can you try to restart the server?

when I run

Moralis.authenticate().then(function (user) {

in the console, metamask pops up,
I sign but than I get a wrong user. not the eth-address, I signed the metamask login

What version of Moralis sdk are you using?


That is the server version.

ok and how can I get the SDK version?

When you import Moralis sdk, usually is a version in that line, if there is no version or latest on that line then it should use latest version.

thats the sdk
Moralis JavaScript SDK v1.3.5

Ok, strange, that is latest version. The eth address should be from the user

I was logged in with a different account to this server I was running, thats what the address was, but why didnt it overwrite the user after authenticating?

It should overwrite it. Maybe something else happens.

We are updating the documentation now to make it better