Order parameter with getNFTTransfers()

Hey folks! I’m trying to use the order parameter with the getNFTTransfers() call. The docs don’t give an example of this working. I searched the forums and found someone suggest “block_number.DESC”, which looks like it’s accepted, but the returned results don’t seem to be ordered by block number. Switching to ASC or DESC doesn’t change the returned results, and having block_number on its own reports “invalid order”.

Ultimately I’m trying to retrieve the 10 latest NFT Transfers for a given address, am I doing this wrong or misunderstanding?

const options = { chain: "eth", address: address, order: "block_number.DESC", limit: "10" };
const transfersNFT = await Moralis.Web3API.account.getNFTTransfers(options);

I think that order parameter was disabled few days ago for performance reasons.

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ah, that’d explain it then :smiley:

Can we please update the documentation? https://docs.moralis.io/moralis-dapp/web3-sdk/account#getnfttransfers

What is the default order in this case?

the default order is on an internal field