Opensea Plugin Requests

I use the Opensea Plugin extensively throughout my app. There are a few things that will make my life so much easier:

  • create new function getCollection to return array of objects with same fields as the object returned by getAsset.
    Basically, this is batched getAsset. Specifically I would like the contract metadata and opensea orders in the objects I receive from Web3API getAllTokenIds. Currently I have to make individual requests of getAsset with each tokenId received from getAllTokenIds

  • filter NFTs by attribute on getCollection
    Allow an array of filters to be applied to getCollection. For example, I should be able to pass
    [ { "background", "blue" } ]
    and it should return all NFTs that have that attribute.
    If I pass
    [ { "background", "blue" }, { "nose", "piercing" } ],
    it should return all NFTs containing blue background and nose piercing.
    If no filter is passed, return all NFTs as usual.

  • filter NFTs by orders (listings and offers)
    Allow a filters to be applied to getCollection for NFTs containing an active listing.
    Also, allow a filter to be applied to getCollection for NFTs containing an active offer.

  • return all price history for a NFT collection
    It is already available through Web3API function getWalletTokenIdTransfers but it must be called individually for each tokenId. If this could be added as a function in Opensea Plugin, such as getCollectionHistory, that would be great.

  • NFT Attribute List and Counts
    In newly created getCollection, have new field that has a list of attributes along with the number of NFTs that have that attribute.

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Thanks for your suggestions, I am also happy to see that you use the OpenSea plugin in your dapp.
Not sure when I will have some time to improve the plugin but I will surely consider your ideas.

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Okay. I thought this plugin was managed by Moralis.

Please let me know if there is any way I can help.

The plugin is managed by Moralis indeed, but atm I am busy with other tasks.
I have added your suggestions in our internal board so that I can get back on it in the future.

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very nice suggestions indeed, we will add them once we get some time


Hi guys, just starting out with the OS plugin, is there a way to set the buying duration when placing a bid on an NFT?

Usually, you set the bid with a time period like 1d, 1month, etc. after which time the bid expires, can’t seem to find this parameter in the documentation?

Kind regards