OpenSea plugin createSellOrder Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'triggers')

Hi guys, I’m trying to sell NFT from my code on opensea.
My code like this:

const expirationTime = Math.round( / 1000 + 60 * 60 * 24);
const startAmount = 1;
const endAmount = 1;

await Moralis.Plugins.opensea.createSellOrder({
                    network: "testnet",
                    tokenAddress: '0xe75a6ff626c5526613169D65e75033fB00E26f73',
                    tokenId: '5',
                    tokenType: "ERC721",
                    userAddress: '0x24556a8cb63663d027be3e32b2551b9e8e68b18d',
                    expirationTime: startAmount > endAmount && expirationTime, // Only set if you startAmount > endAmount


How to fix it

the error seems similar as in this thread: OpenSea plugin createBuyOrder triggers undefined

I have read it and still can’t find the solution