Opensea NFT Minting Shows "Unidentified Contract" - HELP

Hi guys,

I’ve followed the full tutorial from Filip ( and successfully minted my NFT on Opensea using Mumbai testnet.

However, the name of the collection shows up as “Unidentified contract - ctImrytLdc”, so I was wondering if there’s anything I can do in the Remix deployment contract to fix this issue, or whether I need to make any changes anywhere else.

In my search for a solution I saw someone post that we need to use the function setURI() in our deployment contract, but how to do this specifically? I’m a total newbie to coding so have run into a wall.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks guys!

Hey @cryptobuddha, if you are OZ library I believe setURI should be inherited automatically and you can set it directly. But you need to be aware how does setURI works coz certain library they will have the URI be:

baseURI + tokenId

so might be when you setURI you are rewriting the baseURI and that could overwrite the URI of other tokens with different tokenId. Also seems like the name might be having to do with the metadata , maybe can you give your metadata URL so can have a look?

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