Opensea collection, ERC-721, revealing NFT's image


I have seen you guys answer all the questions about NFTs in the Forum.

As I am trying to reveal our NFTs on the Opensea, would you please help us do that? I have tried several methods but they didn’t work at all… I am desperately seeking help.

First, I have created and published a collection (4,200 items) through Opensea. What I would like to do is reveal each minted NFT’s image on the Opensea List during the minting period of the collection.

Thus, we have uploaded our metadata and images on the IPFS.

Please find the IPFS address for a sample. (This is only for testing for now)

I will upload a total of 4,200 data after I finish testing.

Now, I guess I need to set BaseURI for our entire collection in the Etherscan. Would you please check if the following image is the correct way to set the base URI for our collection? (I believe we only need to set the BaseURI once for all items in the collection)

Also, would you please confirm if my BaseURI should be set as “”?

Is there anything else I need to do to reveal my NFT’s image on the Opensea?

Thank you guys.

Hi @BillyVillage

The process that you mentioned should work for updating the base URI. I would recommend using the testnet to test it before trying on mainnet, so that you know nothing is broken.