Opensea BuyCreateOrder - I sent mainnet, response testnet exchanger


I am developer smart tools for NFT.

Moralis.serverURL = “”;
const ethers = Moralis.web3Library;

login2 = async () => {
const web3 = await Moralis.enableWeb3().then(function async (user) {
const unsubscribe = Moralis.onChainChanged((chain) => {
const chainId = “0x1”; //Ethereum Mainnet

}).catch((error) => {
$("#connect_wallet").html(“Install Metamask”).attr(“href”,“”);

login = async () => {
Moralis.Web3.authenticate({signingMessage: “Welcome to Web!”}).then(function (user) {

const offer = async () => {
await Moralis.Plugins.opensea.createBuyOrder({
network: ‘mainnet’,
tokenAddress: ‘0xaede4d0fa0bc1feaa4b437006174a7db8c21855c’,
tokenId: ‘1’,
tokenType: ‘ERC721’,
amount: 0.001,
userAddress: “0x13Dd87EB57e9F2d03e68F60937C7A55006Ec68bA”,
paymentTokenAddress: ‘0xc02aaa39b223fe8d0a0e5c4f27ead9083c756cc2’


Can you describe the issue and are there any errors?

I think problem is exchanger address.
orginal opensea mainnet exchanger is 0x7f268357a8c2552623316e2562d90e642bb538e5
but my script using exchanger is 0xdd54d660178b28f6033a953b0e55073cfa7e3744

0xdd54d660178b28f6033a953b0e55073cfa7e3744 this exchanger is testnet exchanger.
So, my script working in tesnets. But, not working in mainnet. I sign exchanger is mistake.

Error Response:
{“code”:141,“error”:{“status”:502,“headers”:{“x-powered-by”:“Express”,“access-control-allow-origin”:"*",“content-type”:“application/json; charset=utf-8”,“content-length”:“14”,“etag”:“W/“e-Tj8n9olBUMQK0x0qT7YAC46tguk””,“x-response-time”:“1284.794ms”,“date”:“Thu, 09 Jun 2022 13:52:46 GMT”,“connection”:“close”},“buffer”:{“type”:“Buffer”,“data”:[123,34,101,114,114,111,114,34,58,116,114,117,101,125]},“text”:"{“error”:true}",“data”:{“error”:true}}}

Did you use the correct speedy node for mainnet while installing the opensea plugin

thanks for posting here, I know that you posted initially on Discord this

in summary: it looks like when using mainnet, it uses the wrong address for the exchange contract, not the one that it would be expected?

what is the expected exchange contract address for mainnet?

Mainnet exchanger contract address is :

testnet exchanger contract address is : 0xdd54d660178b28f6033a953b0e55073cfa7e3744

My script using mainnet and testnet same exchanger(0xdd54d660178b28f6033a953b0e55073cfa7e3744)

can i change it manually?

I don’t think that you can change it manually. I’ll ask the team if we should change that exchange address.

Thank you for support.

I think there is no moralis member using this feature.

That could be true. We also have to adapt to what changes opensea does.

Thank you for interest.
How soon do you think we’ll get a response?

I think that you could get a response this week, if the only issue is to change the address of that exchange.

can you update now to latest version of the plugin and try again?
it should be fixed now

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Thank you very much.
I tried this code. Very good working.

How is change gasprice?
I didnt find gas change command

Your plugin working with old collection.
Opensea-js upgrade version 4 for new collection.
So, your plugin not buy nft in collection
This collection support to opensea-js v4

can you give more info, what is the difference between the new and old collection?

Buy with moralis : (Old collection)
Not buy with moralis : (New collection)

You need a upgrade to opensea-js (version 4)

we will check, I sent this to the dev team