OnRamper Integration - Not Working

Hi guys, I’ve set up integration with Onramper, everything seems to be correct but I’m getting an error from their side and I cannot go through.
I also have tried with a hardcoded address and the problem was the same.



Hey @alex


Following discussions from Discord, the wallet address seems to be put in fine from the plugin “receiver” parameter and it shows up in the widget after verifying via email. Seems to be a problem on the Onramper / MoonPay side.

Have you tested with their example widget?

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Hey @alex, just following up with you here… I was speaking with Onramper the past week about this problem and it seems to be the URL generated by Moralis.

Would you guys be able to change to

where should this change be made? what is current url form?

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The response.data returns the URL here.

ok, so it is returned by plugin directly, can you paste current form of the url that is returned?

to see what is the difference compared to https://widget.onramper.com/?apiKey={API_KEY}&onlyCryptos=BNB&wallets=BNB:{ADDRESS}

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here it is:

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the difference is only BNB vs bnb?

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I’m not completely sure, maybe the order of the parameters as well! It works fine with this fix.

the order of parameters should not matter, those are standard parameters for a GET request

maybe you can set coin: 'BNB' in your code instead of coin: 'bnb'

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I will try it here! Thanks @cryptokid

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