OnRamp (fiat2Crypto)

I would like to know if this onramp plugin also support different network chain like BSC and Polygon?

at a first look on onramper website it looks like it also supports BSC and Polygon, but for few tokens

i see
but how can i identify which token is BSC and Polygon if they really support it
because they only show label with ERC20 for some token

I looked one may interface and tried to select various tokens, on some tokens it was specified the network there

Their docs does not mention the possibility to specify a chain.
I have email them asking more info.

can you pls. send screenshot of other token that have network/chain

I only visited https://onramper.com/, and then on the right of the page on buy crypto I clicked where is β€œI want to buy” and now it is BTC, and I got a list there of available tokens. Now I don’t know if those tokens are also available by API.

After testing this one, at the moment there is no way to select a specific network when calling the API.