oneInch plugin & liquidity pools

Is that ok to provide a liquidity using oneInch plugin?
If yes, can you please help me?

not sure what you mean by provide a liquidity using oneInch plugin, usually you create the liquidity pool on a place like PancakeSwap

I mean provide a liquidity pool on 1inch network, using my Dapp via oneInch Plugin

I am still not sure what you mean, you already have a liquidity pool for you token?

Yes, there is a liquidity pool
but can i use Moralis & oneInch plugin to provide a liquidity on 1inch network?

I think that you can somehow, I don’t know the exact requirements, you may need to ask 1Inch to add your specific liquidity pair in their list of pairs that they use

Sorry, U still did not get my point.
I am asking, if there is a script to use on my Dapp to provide a liquidity pool from my Dapp using oneInch Plugin?

I still don’t get it… can you give an example?

No unfortunately

All functions of the plug-in are documented here

No other functions are currently supported

Is that possible to make a page like that on my Dapp using oneInch plugin

No as @ivan said there is no such functionality to add to the liquidity pool. Our 1inch plugin is solely used for swapping assets :raised_hands:, you can check more info in our plugin docs