Null metadata for newly minted tokens on Ropsten

I was getting null metadata for tokens minted in the past week on Rinkeby. Thinking it was a problem specific to Rinkeby, I started fresh and switched the app to Ropsten. I minted a token on Ropsten yesterday and the metadata was populated correctly after a few minutes. But today I’ve been getting the same issue again even on Ropsten. I’ve minted two tokens today about 5/6 hours ago and their metadata is still null.

const { data, error } = useMoralisWeb3ApiCall(



            chain: "ropsten",

            address: user_address,

            token_address: "0xEea65793B3080367Ea727aB46D74215Ac2409b58",


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adding this here for reference for the token that doesn’t have metadata yet:

x = await Moralis.Web3API.token.getTokenIdMetadata({address:"0xEea65793B3080367Ea727aB46D74215Ac2409b58", token_id: "2", chain: "ropsten"})


    "token_address": "0xeea65793b3080367ea727ab46d74215ac2409b58",
    "token_id": "2",
    "amount": "1",
    "owner_of": "0xdfab685728e5f1ca4ec2e0c806b3814c4f7451d9",
    "block_number": "11536669",
    "block_number_minted": "11536669",
    "contract_type": "ERC721",
    "name": "Funoken",
    "symbol": "FTK",
    "token_uri": "",
    "metadata": null,
    "is_valid": 0,
    "syncing": 2,
    "synced_at": "2021-12-02T05:37:53.863Z",
    "frozen": 0
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It should be fixed now