Not getting smartcontract Metadata from Moralis API

I’m not receiving my metadata no matter what I do, I tried using useMoralisWeb3Api but no luck, and also directly on your API, the contract is there but I don’t receive the metadata

I’m doing this on the Avalanche test net, could you help me, please?

Can you paste that info with token address so that we can check?

You should have at least token_uri there if everything is ok with the smart contract.

Hi thanks for your reply :slightly_smiling_face: I’m just starting with smart contracts, I didn’t add a token_uri, I was following a video for Moralis I guess for simplicity the instructor didn’t add that, does Moralis have someplace where I can see an example to add the token_uri? also, this is the contract address 0xf178cDc6DBEa7C7515E1569551442496cEBa56f3

you mean that you created a smart contract without setting a token_uri?

usually the metadata is extracted from that token_uri

Yeah I’m sorry I did something pretty similar to what is in this video

metadata shouldn’t be set in this way then? I’m guessing I should have a JSON url and put it in the token_uri then, for any chance does Moralis have an example of this? if that’s not the case s ok I google it :slight_smile:

you can use your own Moralis server as static hosting to upload that json

I’ll give it a try, thanks :slight_smile: