Not getting ParseObjectSubclass Data

I already followed the whole tutorial and using the repo from github, so the cloud function, index.html, main.js and abi files are the same from the repo. However, I am not able to get the ParseObjectSubclass Data from Object when minting the NFT.

As you can see the contractAdress is returning ‘null’.
Can someone point me out to the right direction with this. I would appreciate it, thanks in advance!

what is the tutorial that you are following?
it looks like you are using local devchain from that small block number
what you see if you click on those events?

everything looks fine for that transaction if you look in ganache interface? (in case that you are using Ganache)

I don’t know what you mean by ParseObjectSubclass Data

I got it resolved, the ParseObjectSubclass Data(item) is shown as an example for uploading NFT metadata. I was able to to list all the items and put them to sell in the marketplace. However, when I try to buy it using a different browser it throws me an error, “must provide an Ethereum address”.

I am using ganache with a 100 eth account:

Not sure why this error is popping up. I would appreciate your help.

I want to add that the class ‘SoldItems’ = 0

it looks like it gets the eth address from current user: user.get("ethAddress") and not from metamask, if you authenticate with metamask it may work with current syntax, if not, you should that get ethAddress from current web3 instance after you call Moralis.enableWeb3()

Ok, I was able to buy an item with a different address account, but now the item is not disappearing from the marketplace as shown in Part 15 of the tutorial. Also, the SoldItems class is not displaying any items sold.
Should I have to create a function for removing it from the marketplace? Thanks.

I don’t know if there should already be code to remove that item from the marketplace after it was bought, or if you have to add it.

Well I’m trying to replicate the tutorial and on part 15 of the clone rarible tutorial the item disappears after selling. I believe that the ‘SoldItems’ class should display an item sold, but the counter is still in ZERO. Can you provide guidance for this? Thanks.

I can not provide guidance now. I didn’t do that tutorial. You can try to check if you got the right events synced in db. Maybe on sell an event is emitted and processed automatically.

Ok if you cannot provide guidance that’s fine. I thought this group/forum was to provide support for customers that are having issues with Moralis. Thanks anyways.

Did you try to investigate the problem? To understand why is not working in your specific case?

I would appreciate if there’s someone else knowledgeable about this tutorial and willing to help me out with this issue, thanks!