Not found error in solidity remix

Hi Again. I’m trying to create a flash loan and my “Flashloan.sol” file is not compiling. I need help to fix this problem. Here’s the contract below:

//Use the lisence here: MIT
pragma solidity ^0.6.6;
import “./FlashLoanReceiverBase.sol”;
import “./ILendingPoolAddressesProvider.sol”;
import “./ILendingPool.sol”;

contract FlashloanV1 is FlashLoanReceiverBaseV1 {

constructor(address _addressProvider) FlashLoanReceiverBaseV1(_addressProvider) public{}

Flash loan 1000000000000000000 wei (1 ether) worth of _asset
function flashloan(address _asset) public onlyOwner {
bytes memory data = “”;
uint amount = 10000 ether;

    ILendingPoolV1 lendingPool = ILendingPoolV1(addressesProvider.getLendingPool());
    lendingPool.flashLoan(address(this), _asset, amount, data);


This function is called after your contract has received the flash loaned amount
function executeOperation(
address _reserve,
uint256 _amount,
uint256 _fee,
bytes calldata _params
require(_amount <= getBalanceInternal(address(this), _reserve), “Invalid balance, was the flashLoan successful?”);
// Your logic goes here.
// !! Ensure that this contract has enough of _reserve funds to payback the _fee !!

    uint totalDebt = _amount.add(_fee);
    transferFundsBackToPoolInternal(_reserve, totalDebt);

//lending pool ID: 0x506B0B2CF20FAA8f38a4E2B524EE43e1f4458Cc5
// DAI ID: 0xFf795577d9AC8bD7D90Ee22b6C1703490b6512FD


Have you tried to use the version of the aave contracts that we used in our tutorials, that one imports all the libraries at once in one file which will make it easier to don’t miss any file.

As well you might be interested in this video.