Not all erc20 transfers on erc20/transfers

Hello everyone,
I have issue with getting bep20 by API method erc20/transfers for address 0x04ec82f064a90c52781938d9d34d76db58b11e6b on Binance Smart Chain.

I set lmit to 10 and this method returns to me 2 transfers instead of 3 except last 0xa1e29414ca6046a56d359edbf5cc44828c9b805dd26381f0d1df2478a6c4d5bc.
Is this bug or temporary problem?

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what is the request that you make for when you get 2 transfers?

I tried with:

and I get 3 transfers

@cryptokid thank you!
I swear last friday it was 2 transfers.
I guess we can close topic until we found same problem)

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May be someone know what is delay between transaction shown in Binance Smart Chain and Moralis API?
Because I have new transfer, but it now shown in 5 minutes after confirmed in blockchain
I checked that’s block was allready known by API by using

Let’s try to figure out:
What time between BSC transfer in chain and display it in Moralis API?

we wait a number of block numbers until the transaction is considered as confirmed:

Thank you for reply.
Article says me that will be 18 blocks to confirmation, but bscscan show me 529 blocks of confirmations for now.

you say that a transaction is missing now?

You can check by same query:

ok, we will have to investigate, it looks like a caching issue now

it is going to work now, until you make another new transaction, I cleared the cache for now

we’ll have to fix it, thanks for reporting

Can you tell me how long it will take to fix this bug?

I don’t have an exact ETA now, we will be working on fixing it, it shouldn’t take days

Lets hope this also solves this issue:
It seems very related.
Good luck !

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