Not able to get all nft for ERC1155 on rinkeby

I’m testing a ERC1155 smart contract deployed on the rinkeby testnet currently using react (react-moralis) to make a web client, while trying to fetch all nfts for a given address I’m only getting a few of them (just before posting this I got one with id 1, and after and now, I’m getting two, id 1 and 200)

  • Web3Api.account.getNFTsForContract(chain, address, token_address)
  • Web3Api.account.getNFTs(chain, address)
  • Web3Api.token.getAllTokenIds(chain, address)
const options = {
  chain: 'rinkeby',
  address: user?.get('ethAddress'),
   token_address: '0xcd41c622ec45e8330b905a27b5b27d337ea83c18'

without much success, at the moment I’m getting two nft id with their respective metadata from a total of seven different ones.

I can see the nfts on opensea and even on the EthNFTOwners table on the moralis Dashboard, so I’m running out of ideas about what could be happening here, if any you could point me out in the right direction I will appreciate it.
Thank you.

Hi, we have some problems with indexing NFTs on Rinkeby in particular. We have a big backlog of NFTs to process.

Maybe you could use that information from EthNFTOwners