Not able to deploy on Matic Testnet

Not able to deploy on matic testnet using truffle even if I am using high gas fees. The txn is always in pending state and times out. If anyone has any experience with deploying to testnet using truffle please help me out.

matic: {
      provider: () => new HDWalletProvider(mnemonic, ``),
      network_id: 80001,
      gas: 50000000,          
      gasPrice: 20000000000,  
      confirmations: 2,
      timeoutBlocks: 200,
      skipDryRun: true,
      networkCheckTimeout: 1000000

hey @nakulparmar ! Can you send full code of this config file and also what error is showing ? Might be that we are lossing a parameter.

Hey it’s working now, the problem was with my wallet provider/