Node index.js not working mutants nft engine

node index.js not working when run the command

non entirely sure, looks like something related to the logic in index.js, can you show the content of the file?

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in the index json file?

no it’s index.js, because you’re running node index.js

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ok I’m going hit you up in the afternoon I’m going to work right now

it looks like it doesn’t find that folder, or some files in that folder:

path: 'C:\\Users\\trapcity\\Downloads\\moralis-mutants-nft-engine-main(3)\\moralis-mutants-nft-en..
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how can I find the file that is missing ?
were can i find the path so can place it in that directory ?

I don’t know what is the expected path, that error prints a path that is not found

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i extract the file so it should have everything on my laptop do know use google meet so i can screencast vs studio terminal.

you could try to remove that space from that path, not sure if that is a problem

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can i send google meet screencast link so i can show you my terminal

can i download and use a different moralis boiloplate for nft generator for nft

this is the google meet link

just ten min of your time please.

I don’t really know how to help

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