No Mobile Authentication?

Hi team!

On desktop, my react app allows for users to connect with the react authenticate() call. However, on mobile devices, even with the browser in desktop mode, there is no prompt for Metamask to connect. My guess as to why is that Metamask is a separate app on mobile rather than an extension of the browser on mobile. I searched the forums but didn’t see this question asked already. Code below is extracted from App to simplify only what I’m using to login a user. Thanks for any advice!

import { useMoralis } from "react-moralis";

function App() {

const { authenticate, isAuthenticated, user, logout, Moralis} = useMoralis();

const authenticateUser = async () =>{
        await authenticate();

return (
<button className='btn1'  onClick={() => authenticateUser()}>

You can use the browser that it is included in MetaMask application.

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Thanks for the reply! I spend so much time on desktop though I know most people use mobile. I wonder if crypto enabled browsers like brave or mist will work after you said this. I’ll test soon! Thank you