No LiveQuery "create" event when using "Sync and Watch Address" plugin

Hello everyone. Before describing issue that we faced, I just wanted to say how great is Moralis and how satisfactory is to build applications with it comparing to raw web3 and other solutions.

To give you some context:
End goal is to be able to receive transaction creation events for both native and ERC20 tokens in real time for the addresses added by our users. To initiate watching of address app calls watchBscAddress and watchEthAddress. I’m testing everything in Kovan testnet.

Issue: From the dashboard, I can see that new transactions for the watched addresses are being added in EthTransactions table, but LiveQuery subscription “create” event is not being emitted. Furthermore, when I add a row to “EthTransactions” manually, the event occurs as expected. All the code I use is the same as in the documentation.

Your help will be very much appreciated!

you can try update event instead of create event, on nitro servers update is instead of create for event sync

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Just tested, it’s working. Thank you!
Can you please add it to the docs?

on what page in the docs?

I think that it is already added somewhere in the docs

It will be really helpful on these two sections:

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