No collection names in `SearchNFTs` vs `GetNFTs`

Hi I am using the Moralis Web3 API. There seem to be issues with 3 testnets with the SearchNFTs endpoint where goerli, kovan, and 0x61 return an empty data object with no result array.

Every other endpoint (with no NFT data found) returns at least an empty data object such as data: { total: 0, page: 0, page_size: ‘25’, result: [] }. So the API responses aren’t consistent.

Also is there a reason why this SearchNFTs endpoint doesn’t have a name property i.e. collection name compared to the GetNFTs endpoint?


can you give exact examples?

Sure - apologies for late reply. I disabled the testnets code a little while ago but these should work.


Any idea about the second issue (no name property)?

for the collection property name you can propose that on

that problem with empty object is fixed now, thanks for reporting

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Thank you. Have submitted a proposal for the name property also.