NFTs stuck in the 'pending' table


It looks like NFTs are getting stuck in the pending table. I am using this on BSC mainnet. Newly minted NFTs are recorded in the pending table and aren’t moved to the NFT table. I tried setting up a new server and noted that existing NFTs (which are stuck in the pending table on the old server) are correctly loaded to the NFT table, but any new NFTs also sit in the pending table.

Thanks very much for any help. Loving moralis!!



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What is your server URL?

Ah yes. . . I missed out the most important piece of info:


Thanks we are checking!

Should be fixed, please try

It is indeed fixed for new NFTs, thank you!

FYI the existing items that were already stuck in the pending file are still stuck there. That’s no real problem, just wanted to let you know.

Thank you for the speedy resolution.

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I’m having a similar issue. The most recent NFT added remains in the pending table (and the confirmed column in EthNFTTransfers = false). As soon as I add another NFT, the previous one is confirmed and the new one stays pending.

I’m currently connected to a local Ganache network so I’m not sure if that is part of the issue.

My server url is:

Any help would be great.

This is correct behavior

Pending NFTs are new without many block confirmations

Transactions without block confirmations may be dropped by the blockchain, that’s why Moralis is putting them as “pending” before more blocks are mined

When you mine a new block in ganache pending move to confirmed as they have more block confirmations


If it helps, what I did was implement a duplicate query over the pending table. That way newly minted items are included. It raises the possibility of a reversion meaning that NFT subsequently disappears, but I would guess that is a rare occurrence. All depends on your use case of course.

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@ivan @keyoke Thanks for the explanations. That does make sense.