NFTs fetching-When problem will be fixed

What is the current situation with fixing the nft fetching problem? From what I understand the problem was supposed to be fixed already on the main networks, but a while ago there was a forum thread that shows the problem still exists. Is the team able to guarantee when the problem will be fixed?

Does anyone on this forum know any alternatives for moralis? We have to postpone the launching of the app due to a problem.

By the way, trying to pose as the main platform for infrastructure management and not solving such a basic problem is scandalous.

Dear Sirs,
seems like the problem is applicable for the last 3-4 days also in my case. Are you planning to do something with this one or should be looking for another solution?

People are paying here money for access and seem like the dev team can’t even locate the problem and propose a solution.

It is unworthy of a fair and large company.

We will work on fixing the problems, what is your exact case now?