NFTs do not appear on marketplace after being listed

Hey guys
My Opensea NFT marketplace is pretty much finished now and everything seems to work. My question is why after i approve and list the chosen NFT. I can’t see it on the explore page or anywhere on the dapp if I was to purchase it. There is no transaction history in the transaction section of my dapp either but my Moralis database does populate and work great. Has anyone encountered this? I’m going to watch the tutorial again but would love some help if anyone is active.
Cheers :slight_smile:
My Github Repo:

You’re talking about the page at /Transactions?

The transactions component gets the results from your MarketItems class, if you’re seeing results in that class in your server dashboard, then they should be picked up in your app. Check everything is named correctly.

What is your serverUrl?

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hey @alex
I changed the table name and it fixed this issue i was having. Thank you :slight_smile:

hey @alex
Everything on my app works and I’m just trying to sort out all the proper fetching for the NFT images. When you have a spare minute can you please put this URL in browser search bar and let me know if you see a loaded image or if there is nothing? The issue might be caused by fortinet not being installed properly on my computer.

Try a different gateway like Otherwise check Fortinet.

That fixed the issue. After i list my NFTs for sale i can’t see anywhere to buy them. I added the collections for the NFTs that I listed in my explore section of the dapp but once i click on the it opens up to a empty collection. In the tutorial the guy has 2 google chrome windows open with 2 different wallets to show how the transaction would work. When I open 2 different google chrome windows they both stay as the same wallet. It updates automacilly so i can’t have 2 different wallets logged in with Metamask.

Are you trying this two different browser profiles? If you are using the same browser profile, then i guess the metamask extension will be same for both windows.

Can you give more details on this? and Are there any errors?

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Hi @johnversus
No I’m using the same browser profile so that would be why its not working in 2 separate windows.
I have no errors in the console for the collections. When I click on the man on the floor or smiley face it says undefined and has no NFTs inside the collection. It should have the NFT inside the collection with the buy this NFT button that I coded or it would work if i knew how to just have the single NFT on the explore page without having to click into the collection itself.
Cheers :slight_smile:

Try with different browser profiles

Can you share the NFT contract address and chain name for these collections

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This is the NFT contract i am using.
I’m thinking it might be easier if i try and change it so its only the NFT with a buy now button. What do you think?

Is there a way that I can get the NFT thats put for sale to automatically be on the explore page without me creating a collection?

When I use the NFT contract the collection does have NFTs showing but not all 61 of the collection shows.
My exact NFT that I have listed doesn’t show up either. If i could get it to show up I could buy them and it would work.

Hey @johnversus
I’ve fixed the issue and now everything works great.
Thank you for all your help while I’ve been learning.
Greatly appreciated.

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