NFTs animate not displaying on opensea

is there anything am getting wrong on metadata input kindly assist

You can give more info, like the contract address, nft id, chain, something that is selectable

If you mint another nft with a picture instead of a video the it works fine?

contract addy; 0x168581e4ffaad3337f1ad5d5584eb8c25e2d920a
chain : rinkeby

also the metadata am i getting the input right?

It looks like I get this when I call uri(1001) for that smart contract:{id}.json. What do you get for that call?
I think that isn’t what it should return.

If this is what is showing then I think the metadata image link is the issue then. check the link image after upoloaded on IPFS is that the correct link to add?

unrelated, an example with IPFS folder: I get ipfs://QmSknFJz1Z16xKGBJPF41DPsCzyzCYqBD8ZmVmnyaN1Vw4/4 for uri(4)

Maybe that 1001 was translated to hex and it tries to access: that is not found.

and maybe the json that you added is not valid json either:

  "description": "Common series car one of its kind",  
  "image": "", 
  "attributes": [ ... ], 

because it has that line with "attributes": [ ... ],

I have change the metadata input kindly check it again

contract addy: 0xB5b46964032AA2555cA45e77d47a7302e10a24E1 still not found

after uploaded on IPFS ths is the link to one of the NFTs

and this link is what input in the image: coloumn on my json metadata file

It looks like I can not download from this url.

huh! what is really happeing the size is not up to 64MB just 2MB, okay let me see what exactly am getting wrong I will check it later spent already

Will update you later mate thanks

got the listing working on openea had to store the NFTs on IPFS through pinata gateway cloud and its working perfectly now on opensea
that is one of the NFTs
thanks for your support

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hi there, it seems that I am getting the same error. I entered the exact same code as in the tutorial “Ultimate NFT Programming Tutorial - FULL COURSE”. Anything you can help me with @cryptokid? do you need anything else?

contract posted:

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thats the picture posted on moralis could: